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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
Also, this has been a big help as well :

I don't think most people (myself included) realize just how bad the food they eat is, especially at chain sit down restaraunts (seriously, 2,000 calorie burgers!). Really good reading through there, and they have a good phone app with a lot of the same info.
Damn, this is good stuff.

Yeah, I'm watching what I eat too. I've finally found an actually delicious zero calorie, zero sugar, caffeinated drink to replace soda (my Achilles heel) - Lipton Diet White Tea With Raspberry. Shit's fantastic. Foodwise, yeah, I love to eat, so it's tough sometimes, but I'm doing a generally better job just by not doing things that are clearly a terrible idea, which I'm used to doing. Two different grilled chicken salads for lunch the past two days, and I'm not complaining.
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