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I've lost 45 lbs since the beginning of November....I don't think the workout regimen matters per se, you just need to be consistent and find/come up with a plan that works for you. If it's one off the internet, one out of a magazine, or one you came up with yourself/with a trainer, then thats what works for you. This workout looks pretty solid.

Also, just as important, is your food intake. Weigh yourself every day under the same conditions (ie i weigh myself in boxers every morning after i pee but before breakfast) and keep track of the weight. Also, at least at the beginning, try to get a rough idea of your calorie consumption. There are websites/phone apps out there that can help you with this, and also tell you what you should be consuming based on age/weight/target. For me, cutting out soda/most of my alcohol has made a huge difference.

@powerslave - you need to be religious about stretching your shins out a couple times a day, at least at the beginning. I like to lay on my back, put one leg into the air at a time, and make the alphabet with my toes using my shin muscles. Has really made a big difference.
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