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Bruce Dickinson:
01.Darkside of Aquarius
03.The Book of Thel
04.Tears of the Dragon
06.Son of a Gun
07.Man of Sorrows
10.Silver Wings

01.Don't Talk to Strangers
02.All the Fools Sailed Away
03.Caught in the Middle
04.Sacred Heart
05.Night People
06.We Rock
07.Sunset Superman
08.Losing My Insanity
09.King of Rock and Roll
10.One More For the Road

01.Carry On Wayward Son (Generic, but suck it - so fucking great)
02.Miracles Out of Nowhere
03.Icarus: Borne on Wings of Steel
04.Sparks of the Tempest
05.Song For America
06.Icarus II
07.Child of Innocence
08.The Wall
09.Closet Chronicles
10.Cheyenne Anthem

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