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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
You are the only person in the world that would put that piece of crap in their top 10, well I think !?!?

It's in my top 10 of the worst Maiden songs ever

Cheers !
Damn! More like Not so cheers!

More lists:

1. Killed By Death
2. Orgasmatron
3. Love Me Like A Reptile
4. The Hammer
5. Overkill
6. I'm So Bad Baby I Don't Care
7. Sacrifice
8. Shut You Down
9. Bomber
10. Whorehouse Blues

1. Stargazer
2. Gates of Babylon
3. The Last In Line
4. Don't Talk To Strangers
5. Children of the Sea
6. Kill The King
7. Heaven & Hell
8. Rainbow In The Dark
9. Master of Insanity
10. Sunset Superman

1. Coma
2. Elimination
3. Overkill
4. Wrecking Crew
5. Feel The Fire
6. Hello From The Gutter
7. Deny The Cross
8. Drunken Wisdom
9. Horrorscope
10. Gasoline Dream
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