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Megadeth -- Tokyo, Japan -- November 23rd, 1998

Venue - Shibuya Kokaido

Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
In My Darkest Hour
Wake Up Dead
Reckoning Day
Hangar 18
These Boots
A Secret Place
Angry Again
-Marty Friedman Solo-
A Tout Le Monde
Almost Honest
Use The Man
Tornado of Souls
Sweating Bullets
Symphony of Destruction
-Drum Solo / Drum'n Bass Jam-
Peace Sells
I'll Get Even (unplugged)
Countdown to Extinction (unplugged)
She-Wolf (unplugged - part)
Now I'm Here (Queen, one riff only) / Anarchy in the UK
Auf Wiedersehen (Cheap Trick cover)
Mechanix intro riff
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