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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Sadly, me too. All the way through GH3, in addition to GH: Metallica, they were a guaranteed buy from me. Now, I doubt if I even rent this.
I recently got GH 5 for 20 bucks mostly because it has an import feature I use for GH Metallica and Smash Hits. Track list for this one is not bad but I have not bought a GH game full price since the original on ps2. Plus if you have ever heard of Frets on Fire it's an open source GH clone for pc and people are making their own songs. I have played Rock Band 1 and 2 more than GH, I like the presentation better and the charting for songs is much better imho. Rock Band 2 even came with a training program that can teach you to play drums.
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