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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Well, let's be realistic here - there was "Undisputed Attitude".

"Diabolus" and "Divine Intervention" weren't really that awesome, either - but that's not the same as saying they've sucked ass ever since "Seasons". That's just bullshit.
Well Undisputed Attitude wasn't really a true Slayer album though, just a covers album. And I like old school punk, so I enjoy the album (big Minor Threat fan). Divine is awesome in my opinion, from beginning to end. Diabolus was pretty good, a few forgettable songs, but Bitter Peace, Death's Head, Point, Scrum, In the Name of God and Overt Enemy were sweet.

All in all though, nothing really complain about. They have ALWAYS kept true to their style. At least you can say they never put out shitty albums on the level their collegues did (Metallica - St. Anger and Megadeth - Risk)
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