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Originally Posted by The Green and Black View Post
Behemoth is still categorized as Black Metal, sometimes Black/Death Metal in more recent years.

I'm not really fan, but categories are categories.
Yeah, technically, I guess. As long as the word "death" is in there, I won't argue. I don't think they're strictly black metal like bands such as Immortal, for example. Anyway, I tend not to really get all that wrapped up in sub-genre distinctions, because the arguments are always endless and pointless, and nobody gains anything.

One recent exception to this is when my brother somehow tried to claim that Entombed, Dismember, Carnage and Unleashed were all grindcore bands. Sorry, no. They are all death metal bands. Grindcore is a totally different flavor of music than those guys. He even tried to take it a step further and start claiming that Morbid Angel was grindcore, according to his definition. I asked him is his definition of grindcore was that they were popular at the same time when Napalm Death and Carcass (who were grindcore, at the time) were just blowing up? He didn't seem to like that question. Silly rabbit. Terrorizer is grindcore, but Morbid Angel? Not.
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