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World Painted Blood
Hate Worldwide
Expendable Youth
War Ensemble
Beauty Through Order
Seasons In The Abyss
Hell Awaits
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
Raining Blood
Aggressive Perfector
South Of Heaven
Silent Scream
Angel Of Death

This was an awesome gig. I've waited a long, long time to see Slayer and I wasn't disappointed. I got to the venue early and stood outside just as Slayer did a soundcheck ... awesome ... Tom Araya sang the whole of World Painted Blood, so I got to hear it twice on the night!!!

Tom apologised to the crowd for twice delaying this World Tour ... in the end it was worth the wait. The setlist was fantastic (see above )

He also said he was doing well following his successful operation ... good news. Bad news ... he no longer bangs his head! Still, I'd prefer that to him having to call it a day and never playing again and that being the end of Slayer ... fuck that! You don't need to head bang, Tom ... we'll do it for you!!!

Great opening songs. Didnt expect Expendable Youth but kinda rocked to it anyway! Then came War Ensemble as you'd expect. Jihad sounded a little short but it's the first time I'd heard it live so maybe it was just me?! Glad they played it cos I fuckin' love it!!!

Payback was awesome and angry. Tom enjoyed it!

Didnt know it was Beauty Through Order on the night. Couldnt make it out but knew it was from the new album so was expecting a few "new" tracks in the set.

Seasons was awesome - it always is. I love the slow parts to that song. Hell Awaits and Mandatory were good again, then came Chemical Warfare. Fuckin' love that song and was hoping for it and got it!

Raining Blood from a lacerated sky ... oh yeah!

Aggressive Perfector. Been a long while since I heard it so couldnt make it out but thats just me!

South Of Heaven opened the encore. So pleased it did. I think it's the perfect song to open the encore and it was awesome to hear live again.

Silent Scream came and went. Again, it's been a while!

I was just waiting for Angel Of Death at this point and got it! Only one problem ... Tom's fuckin' microphone packed up right at the start of it!!! Waited an age to hear it live again and his fuckin' mic packed in! He couldn't believe it himself! First night, last song ... fuckin' technology!!! Wankers!!!

Anyway, we sang for him till his mic got fixed half way through. And that was that. First gig of the World Tour and I was fuckin' there to see it ... awesome!!!
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