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Originally Posted by b_halperin View Post
hahahahahaha just looked through it, i had a good laugh. funny thing is i know people like that, and the descriptions are spot-on.
yeah i have many punk friends, and sad to say but that descrpition and clothing is spot on about most of them. some of them still listen to punk but they grew up and don't really dress like it anymore. a few of my friends used to dress like the crunkcore kid, among other friends with the other scenes, but as they get older most of the people start to dress "normal." some of my younger friends in high school still have the "brootal kid" look. apparently from my friends in high school the "brootal kid" look is spreading like a plauge there, and i thought that scene was dying out. but at least a lot of them have good taste in music supposedly, like Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Death, etc. but most of them also listen to Suicide Silence but that's a given because they have a lot of scene kid fans.

also the black metal knight is fucking hilarious. those guys take themselves way too seriously
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