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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Wow, that would never happen here. A band not even coming on stage until 1:15am? No chance. Everyone uses public transport in London to get to shows, and that is long closed down before then. All shows finish at 11pm. 11:15 on rare occasions. Most venues don't even have carparks!

Sometimes we get the too many support acts thing, but they're rattled through with 30-minute sets each, max, and 15-minute changeovers.

What this normally means is if the last support band is the "special guest" who are doing the whole tour, they only get 30 minutes as well. And the headliners get an hour. And given that the rest of the support bands are rarely ever advertised, the fans are essentially paying for a short show.

Checking out Arch Demon Choir...
Here, it varies venue by venue. If you are not familiar with the venues and how they operate, then you will end up getting screwed by either getting there way too early, in the case of a doors at 7pm, first band not until 10pm, or you get there too late, and the band you wanted to see has already played. I like the idea of consistency in England, but wouldn't like seeing a max of only 1hr per headliner, that part not so good. Of course a lot of times here, headliners sets get cut short due to overbooked opening acts, and sometimes we only get an hour. This reminds me of another great Dio memory. The last time he played The Trocadero in Philly, they wanted to pull the plug on him, and he told them he would personally pay the fine, because he wanted to finish his show for his fans, and he did.

As for Arch Demon Choir? Did you find anything on them? I could not find much, and what I found, I thought they were much better live when I saw them.
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