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1. Danzig w/ Behemoth - Blackest of the Black Tour '05 - First time seeing both Danzig and Behemoth, and during Danzig's set Doyle came out and they did 9 Misfits songs. AMAZING, that's probably never going to happen again

2. Ministry w/ RevCo - MasterbaTour '06 - Not only was this my first and last time seeing Ministry, but I was treated to a double Al Jourgensen set as he played live in both bands that night. The setlist was superb as well..... I got NWO, Just One Fix, Thieves, So What, Stigmata and Psalm 69

3. Ozzfest '05 - Rob Zombie, BLS, Iron Maiden, Sabbath w/ Ozzy

4. Both times seeing Heaven and Hell were amazing.... RIP Dio! The first was in '07 w/ Alice Cooper and the second was in '08 w/ Motorhead and Testament. Sign of the Southern Cross will always be one of the best live songs of all time

5. Both times seeing Type O Negative.... RIP Pete

6. Slayer in a fucking club on the Jagermeister Tour '05

7. Both times seeing Megadeth in a club, more notably the most recent time on the Rust In Peace Tour. Megadeth, Testament, Exodus!

8. The Gruesome Twosome Tour w/ Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. AMAZING day the whole way around, and seeing these two perform on the same stage I walked across when I graduated was absolutely insane

9. An Evening With Down in '08 - the opening video was awesome and they played for almost 2 1/2 hours

10. Immortal on the All Shall Fall Tour - first time seeing one of my favorite bands... it was one of only four North American shows. They NEVER play around here

Honorable mentions:
-The Rock Never Stops Tour in '05 (I believe) with Cinderella, Ratt, Quiet Riot and Firehouse. RIP Kevin Dubrow
-Every time seeing Cannibal Corpse, especially in '06 w/ Dying Fetus and '09 w/ Behemoth
-Deicide in '06
-Every time seeing Gwar
-Both times seeing Metallica
-Both times seeing Opeth
-Vital Remains in '07 when Dave Suzuki was still with them
10/2 - Krisiun/Origin
10/14 - Crue/Cooper
10/20 - Misfits
10/30 - Hate Eternal
11/7 - Gwar
11/13 - That Metal Show

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