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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Let me pick this apart piece by piece.

1. Show No Mercy to Seasons in the Abyss is by far the best.
2. South of Heaven is in the top probably 5 or 10 thrash albums of all time for me, but nothing by Slayer is the best.
3. South of Heaven was their peak.
4. They are not better than the rest of the Big 4. They're better than Anthrax because as far as I know Anthrax aren't doing anything, but Death Magnetic and Endgame are both pretty awesome albums, and World Painted Blood...isn't. At all.
I beg to differ.
1. South of Heaven exempts Seasons from being included in the streak.
2. No. And Show No Mercy is pretty damn perfect.
3. I dislike most everything about SoH, but the worst part is Tom Araya's vocals. They don't even sound evil.
4. All 3 sucked, World Painted Blood was equal to Death Magnetic but Slayer as people have much more dignity than Metallica, so I would rank them higher.

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