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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
I turned it around for you, but its the same idea. If you are going to post your opinion (on something as subjective as music) in a public forum, then you open yourself up to comments. You presumably told us all that you like Band A because you expect other people to, but if everyone hates that band, then thats your own fault. Go sit in your closet by yourself and talk about how good that band is if you don't want input.
Wow, I am in shock. We finally agree on something. I don't go out of my way to participate in threads of no interest to me, most times I don't even click on them (unless I'm really really bored). But yeah, if you are posting something on a public forum, you open yourself up for a variety of opinions, positive or negative. I consider myself well rounded in all types of rock/metal music, so I have just as much right to bitch about say, the Goo Goo Dolls, as I would about Amon Amarth. Not that I have a complaint about either band at the moment, just using two ends of the spectrum as an example.
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