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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Personally I never download albums. I don't need to because I don't need to hear an album all the way through to know if I want to buy it or not. Samples/clips/songs on MySpace etc. are enough.

What helps is I also don't have the need to hear things as soon as they come out. I listen to samples, decide if I want it, then it sits on my wishlist, sometimes for years, until it's cheap, then I buy it. Until then, I simply don't hear that album. Makes buying it all the more worthwhile, and I've got more than enough to listen to in the mean time.
Again, I agree. The difference between our approaches - which really aren't all that different, when it comes to the core values we both seem to believe in - is that I don't often have time to listen to the things I want to check out by streaming them on a computer. I live an hour away from work, so that commute time in the car is my primary listening time. I download stuff so I can burn it to CD and check it out in the car.

I also listen a lot while I'm actually at the office working, and due to bandwidth restrictions and quota time on web sites such as MySpace, I can't really stream stuff at work, either. Thus, I've really no choice but to download stuff and burn it to CD for the car or dump it to my portable hard drive (AKA the "music vault") so I can listen during the times when I'm most available.

I only wish it was my full-time job to listen to music and comment on it...then I wouldn't have to download anything, the time management thing would take care of itself, and I'd be one happy camper!
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