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If anyone is ever in an area that has a Newbury Comics (From what I understand they're only up here in the Northeast, maybe just New England, but I could be wrong), I highly recommend checking it out. Not counting my online ReVamp preorder a few weeks ago since it's a Euro import with a bonus track, I haven't paid more than $15 for a CD in a long time since I do almost all my CD buying here now. In fact, I picked up two Nocturnal Rites CDs & the new Orphaned Land there yesterday for just a little over $20 together. I think I bought a Sinergy CD there once for, like, two dollars. Only the used stuff is ever THAT low, but their used CDs are *always* in great condition. I've never had any problem buying used from there. They were also playing Tarot's "Crows Fly Black" album when I was in there yesterday, which was awesome. Their selection always surprises me, too, because they have a better Metal selection than any other chain I've ever seen.

As for the topic...

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