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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
As cool as it is to hear Disposable heroes, there's still the big problem of opening a set with a COVER song. Not to mention they probably only played the first half of puppets, and the Kill/ride medley was just stupid. (As seen on the "Cunning stunts" DVD) Just play the full song!
I saw the opening night of that tour on memorial day at darien lake. It was great. It was actually a pretty unforgetable night for me. Despite opening with a cover and only playing half of puppets. It was the first time they did the god that failed live and the kill/ride medley, which was actually good. Not like on cunning stunts when they sucked live. There was a near riot that night. Chairs were being thrown. Total chaos. I got nailed in the head with one during harvester. Checked for blood and shook it off. On with the show. Darien lake was never the same after that. Not long after they remade the place and nailed the seats down.
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