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It doesn't really matter who's in the thread title because if someone goes searching for Alice Cooper sets on here this will still show up on the search because it's in the thread. Now because of my fucked up schedule recently at work i'm a little late with my review, so here it is:

First of all there needs to be a metal law passed that unless your bands name is Metallica or Iron Maiden you are not allowed to go on stage after Alice Cooper because you just won't messure up to what he can do. Alice was awesome as always and he continues to show at age 62 how it's suppose to be done live. I'm not just talking about theatrics i'm talking about song performances as well. Alice gives you something special each time and you get a different show every tour. But most importantly you always get the feeling that Alice wants to be there and he and his band love each and every perfromance. The reason I say this will be evident in my review of Zombie coming up shortly but back to the master and his show. The one thing I always love about Alice's set is the deep cuts he does to please the die hard fans like myself. He did several songs that I haven't heard him do before: Wicked Young Man, Go To Hell, Guilty, From The Inside, Nurse Rozetta, I Never Cry and Vengeance Is Mine. Those were the highlights of the night for me personally along with Cold Ethly, Ballad Of Dwight Fry and Only Women Bleed. Yes, the big hits are always cool as well and do make to whole crowd happy. But he always has a well rounded set to please whatever kind of Cooper fan you might be. I could go on and on praising him but I do that enough around here already

To be honest i'm in a simular place as Indestructible is when it comes to Zombie's performance. The show was OK but I didn't feel it was anything that special. When I saw him with Ozzy in 2001 his show was 100 times better and he put Ozzy to shame. I got the impression from Zombie and his bandmates on this night that they were just going through the motions and would rather be anywhere else but playing. Also, Zombie's been performing live for how long now? Can he please learn how the fuck to sing complete lines and not miss so many words? That dragged down the perfomance as well. Also they've got 75 mins to play and ten of that was wasted talking to the audience. I don't mind a "hey how's everyone doing tonight?" but after that get to the music. I didn't pay to hear you say stupid ass concert cliches like "is everyone here for a rock and roll party" and is "everyone havin a good time." Just shut the fuck up and play. His set was pretty much a greatest hits and the only real highlight for me was Demonoid Phenomenon and even Rob fucked that one up. Instead of signing the chours the first time he found it more important to go and chat with his guitar player in stead. Nice one Rob, way to fuck up your best song when you play it.

Overall Cooper was great and I will remember his peformance for a long time. Zombie was just so-so as far as i'm conserned and his peformance won't be remembered as fondly for me unfrotunately. I will contiune to see Cooper when ever I get the chance and while i'm also a Zombie fan, i'll pass next time he comes around unless he's with someone I really wanna see.
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