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Dream Ozzfest lineup

Judas Priest

02.Metal Gods
03.The Ripper
04.Before The Dawn
05.Evening Star
06.(Take These) Chains
07.Breaking The Law
08.Turbo Lover
09.Between The Hammer & The Anvil
10.Desert Plains
12.The Hellion
13.Electric Eye
14.Stained Class
15.Screaming For Vengeance
17.Parental Guidance
18.The Sentinal
19.Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
21.Victim Of Changes
22.Heavy Duty
23.Defenders Of The Faith
24.Leather Rebel *Harley*
25.Diamonds & Rust
26.You've Got Another Thing Coming
28.Island Of Domination

Black Sabbath

01. War Pigs
02. N.I.B.
03. Fairies Wear Boots
04. Into The Void
05. Black Sabbath
06. Iron Man
07. Children Of The Grave
08. Paranoid
09.Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Alice Cooper

01.Under My Wheels
03.No More Mr. Nice Guy
04.Billion Dollar Babies
05.Love's A Loaded Gun
06.Bed Of Nails
07.I'm Eighteen
08.I Love The Dead/Devil's Food/Steven/The Black Widow (Medley)
09.Sick Things
10.Feed My Frankenstein
11.Cold Ethyl
12.Only Women Bleed
13.Guitar Solo
15.Go To Hell
16.School's Out
17.Hey Stoopid


01.Dialectic Chaos
02.This Day We Fight!
03.In My Darkest Hour
04.Skin O' My Teeth
05.Holy Wars... The Punishment Due!
06.Hangar 18
07.Take No Prisoners
08.Five Magics
09.Poison Was The Cure
11.Tornado Of Souls
12.Dawn Patrol
13.Rust In Peace... Polaris
15.The Right to Go Insane
16.Symphony Of Destruction
17.Anarchy In The U.K.


01.Darkness Of Christ
03.War Ensamble
05.Pyschopathy Red
06.Born Of Fire
07.Mandatory Suicide
08.Chemical Warare
09.Ghosts Of War
10.Hell Awaits
11.Angel Of Death
12.South Of Heaven
13.Raining Blood

Motley Crue

01.Kickstart My Heart
02.Wild Side
03.Too Young To Fall In Love
04.Saints Of Los Angeles
05.Mick Mars Guitar Solo
06.Live Wire
07.Sick Love Song
08.Red Hot
09.Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
10.Shout At The Devil
11.Too Fast For Love
12.Looks That Kill
13.Girls, Girls, Girls
14.Dr. Feelgood
15.Smokin' In The Boys Room

I realize that some of these ARE either exact or trimmed down/edited setlists that have actually been played by the bands themselves, however they're either perect of would be if you edited them up a little.... I also realize some sets are longer than the others but dreams have NO LIMITS!!!!! so don't even think about bitching about MY Festival
07/02/12--Def Leppard/Poison/Lita Ford
08/01/12--KISS/Motley Crue

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