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Dammit, Juukun! You and your shorter drive home! I was going like 85, too.

Anyway - here's a partial Havok setlist. I don't recall at the moment if there were 6 or 7 songs played... I think 7, actually...

The Root Of All Evil
Ivory Tower
Morbid Symmetry

Also, JuuKun, you totally forgot to include the audience's terrible rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Wtf was that? Seriously... wtf

What a great show. It was definitely one of my top two of 2010 thus far.

In Harm's Way opened, and they were great overall. I'm impressed that a local power metal band has that much talent. Alas, their singer (who is also of their guitarists) is not at the same level as the instrumentation. They could definitely improve by adding a fifth member for vox.

Havok was a blast. Fast and crazy and thrashy and WOW. Despite the fact that they're suddenly a three man band instead of four, they sounded great. I doubt most of the audience even realized they were a man down. I really look forward to them producing another album - their new stuff was fun. They were pretty humorous as well - from claiming they were going to play a slow song to mocking a friend of mine who tried to start a pit. Ballsy... said friend is very large

We waited for a rather long time for Primal Fear to come on. By the time they got on stage, whatever sweat had collected on our bodies had dried. Stinky audience.

... totally worth it.

Primal Fear was amazing. Repeat: AMAZING. Spot on sound, expert performers, and a great mixup of old & new, fast & slow songs. The crowd was great. Everyone was singing along, especially to the choruses, and I'm glad I got a bit of "Fighting the Darkness" on video. It looked like the band was having a blast. In between songs, Ralf made the audience sing and, as mentioned previously, somehow ended up getting a hilariously painful rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" out of us because he couldn't come up with the "story about metal" that Mat Sinner asked him for. Every song was a highlight.

If you're able to attend this tour, you should. I guarantee you won't regret it.

T-shirts were $25

PS - I got a Primal Fear pick . I'm a happy Chyck.
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