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Lizzy Borden -- Clifton, NJ -- May 21st, 2010

First off, I have to complain about Dingbatz, I can not stand when bands over book with too many opening bands. The show had four openers, and Lizzy did not even hit the stage until about 1:15am which means their set was inevitably cut short, or atleast I assume since a few staples of the set were missing such as Notorious and Red Rum. In any case, the only opener that really caught my attention was Arch Demon Choir. They encouraged us to get off our asses and go upfront to secure our spot for Lizzy, and they were entertaining as hell. The lead singer looked like a cross between Rob Halford and Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies. The vocals were a mix between King Diamond and Rob Halford, with a dash of Bobby Blitz on some of the more spoken word parts.

So here is Lizzy Borden's setlist, it may be a tad out of order, but I know it's close and they indeed played all these songs.

Give 'Em the Ax
Live Forever
Master of Disguise
Tomorrow Never Comes
Under Your Skin
There Will Be Blood Tonight
Me Against the World
American Metal
Rod of Iron
We Got the Power
Long Live Rock N' Roll (Dedicated to the man on the silver mountain, Ronnie James Dio)
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