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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
If you want to stay in the city that's your call, but I can't imagine it's going to be more affordable than staying in New Jersey for the night. All the trains are part of the NJ Transit system, so more or less they're all the same. I tend to take the train from fairly far away from the city - which can be a bitch because it's a longer ride - but seriously, the further you stay from the city and the whole Newark/Hoboken/Jersey City/Sports Complex/NJ Turnpike disaster that exists around the city is better for you.

If your tickets are not GA tickets - if it's possible I'd just recommend you do what I initially suggested and get into the city a couple hours early if you want to walk around.
Surprisingly, it'll cost me a total of $75 for two nights in the city. That's because I'd be staying in a hostel though. What was the price of your train ticket into the city? I'm coming from Holmdel which doesn't seem to be that close to Newark so getting a train from further away from that area sounds like a good idea as long as the added length of the ride doesn't make the price skyrocket. I do have a GA ticket so I'll be spending all day on the 12th standing in line. But I if I stay in the city after the gig then I figure I can explore from like 9 am on the 13th until like 3 pm, then I'll need to get on the road to Pittsburgh.
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