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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
As a non-New Yorker who has been to the city about 5 times a year over the past 5 or 6 years, here's what I can offer:

Drive to New Jersey and take the train in. Madison Square Garden is literally on top of Penn Station (where your train would go). It'd be basically just a walk up a few flights of stairs and you'd be there. Very, very little confusion to worry about in the city. The train schedule can be a tad confusing though, so be sure to study that ahead of time. Normally I always drive into NYC but since MSG is right on top of Penn Station, the train is the best option.

The subway runs all night but it has a restricted schedule. It's kinda complicated, and I've only ever been on the subway in NYC twice I think.
Basically, I think your best bet is drive into Jersey, get a hotel there - take the train in and out, stay at that hotel that night. Should be your best, safest, least confusing option I think.

I've never had any problems with safety in the city. Never lost anything, never had anything stolen, never been too harassed. Manhattan is so full of tourists that you don't have too much to worry about. Just keep your wallet close to you - and keep about a dollar in loose change in your pocket so if you get harassed by bums you can throw em a quarter and they'll be on their way.
I think I'd like to stay in the city after the gig though, Maiden have a day off on the 13th so all I have to do that day is make a 6 hour drive to Pittsburgh for the next show. I was hoping to walk around Manhattan for a few hours before hitting the road. I'll have to look at the schedule but would I be correct in assuming that a fair number of trains still operate throughout Manhattan even late at night?

Good tip about the change though.

Also, is there a certain train in from Jersey that is better than the others? I assume the one coming from Newark Airport would be good.

Thanks for all the help so far.

And yeah, BT, I'll be alone.
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