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ATTN: NYC memebers. I need some help

I'm going to see the Maiden show at MSG on July 12th but now that I've finally gotten around to figuring out where to stay I realize that I have zero understanding of how your city works. Like, I'm not even sure how to go about getting into Manhatten. I'm going to be in Holmdel, NJ on the 11th for the show there and I'll have my car but I've heard that I don't want to drive in the city. So I have a number of questions.

1) How do I get into NYC? Do I park somewhere in Jersey and take a subway over?

2) Should I find a place in Jersey to stay after the show on the 11th or would it be safe enough to travel into NYC late at night and stay at the hostel I think I'll book?

3) Do the subways run all night? Do you just buy a ticket for them right before you go to board?

4)What do I need to know about safety? I've been in places like DC and Baltimore but is there anything special I should know about NYC to stay out of trouble? I don't plan on going anywhere besides Manhattan BTW.

Here's where I'm planning on staying either both the nights of the 11th and 12th or just the 12th if y'all think it's best that I stay in Jersey the 11th.

It's at the corner of Broadway and W 101 Street.

Any help is appreciated.
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