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Alice In Chains -- Monmouth, NJ -- May 20th, 2010

Alice In Chains
1. All Secrets Known
2. It Ain't Like That Anymore
3. Again
4. Check My Brain
5. Them Bones
6. Dam That River
7. Rain When I Die
8. Your Decision
9. No Excuses
10. We Die Young
11. A Looking In View
12. Nutshell
13. Love Hate Love
14. Lesson Learned
15. Acid Bubble
16. Down In A Hole
17. Angry Chair
18. Man In The Box

19. Got Me Wrong
20. Would?
21. Rooster

Nothing out of the ordinary with getting to the show, granted Monmouth is an hour and a half away without traffic, and it figures that we hit bad traffic so we were in a car for three hours. Was a good time...sarcasm intended. I was driving with a friend as well, and it was getting incredibly dry and I was falling asleep here and there on the road (not safe for those who have never experienced that). Also had a near death experience too. Was switching lanes to go into my exit and this truck just keeps on going, no signals or anything into the same exit. I had to go all the way to the side to avoid being in total side collision with the damned thing. It was a lot more threatening in person, trust me...thankfully I am a good driver, not trying to toot my own horn (no pun intended ).

Anyway, we got at the University and thankfully there was free parking, so we just stationed ourselves near the entrance and got on line. An interesting tidbit I noticed (not that this had any effect on my show experience): a lot of fairly standard looking people there. Not many long haired dudes, not THAT many band shirts, and even remotely metal looking people. I don't know if that's because it was Alice In Chains, or it was a university, or because it was New Jersey, I'm not sure. A lot of them were total morons in correlation to their musical knowledge; I managed to eavesdrop on two guys talking about the show and they saw merch with the Black Gives Way To Blue artwork on it, and they were questioning as to whether that was the new album and if that was the artwork/if they had even come out with a new album. Let me establish that I don't give a shit and as I said before, this doesn't affect my experience. That having been said, I don't understand how you can be THAT casual a fan. I understand that not everyone is like me and likes to know everything/just comes to them naturally, but to not even know that they released an album in the recent past of a band that you're going out to see....I don't know, I guess I shouldn't judge so harshly, but I'm just like that. Just some interesting food for thought.

But I digress. I had no idea if there was even going to be an opening band, and surely there was. Apparently it was The Parlor Mob, who are also apparently signed to Roadrunner Records. That came as quite a surprise to me, because a) they are not the typical band signed to Roadrunner, and b) it just came as a total surprise because apparently they are from Monmouth and that's why they were opening. Regardless, they put on quite a solid performance. They play a rock n' roll/bluesy rock kinda rock, and it's enjoyable, quite so actually. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed them, maybe I just have too many bad experiences with opening bands that I am not familiar with. I must say they looked like a bunch of tools though, and the singer was either high out of his mind or severely drugged up. He 100% made up for it though with his FANTASTIC voice. Reminded me of a young Robert Plant or an any-age Geddy Lee. Very very good voice indeed. The guitarist also had quite a mastery of the blues, reminiscent of "The Wizard"-style Sabbath kind of playing. The singer even pulled out a harmonica during three songs and solo'd along. Solid set of 5 or 6 songs, unfortunately all I know is they ended with "Hard Times" (which for the record, had WAY too long of a jam session in between solos). Looked these guys up when I got back home and I do enjoy their studio work as much as I enjoyed them live, so kudos to them for gaining a new fan out of total chance. Rarely do bands "get me" that way, especially when I'm 100% unfamiliar with their music.

After them of course came the mighty Alice In Chains. They dropped the curtain and had a projected image of the heart on the BGWTB artwork, and when the lights went off the heart started to beat faster and faster. A cool effect to pump the crowd up. With the curtains still up, Jerry came out and started playing "All Secrets Known" as a silhouette, following all the other members' and playing as well. The curtain dropped at the start of the first chorus, and it was just awesome to see Alice In Chains as a unit up there playing. They had a total mastery of their game, and they were all quite into it and performing VERY well. DuVall is a beast of a vocalist, and anyone who has doubts about him seriously has to lose the ignoramus side to em and give the new record, or preferably, see them live. He is amazing. I don't know what more can be said. He compliments Jerry in a way that most would have thought impossible after Layne's death, both live and in studio. His skills as a guitarist are also quite good, and his vocal duets with Jerry are phenomenal. As for Jerry, let me say that I have been to quite an amount of shows, and Jerry has one of the best guitar tones I've ever heard. He is EASILY in the top three, along with Petrucci. I don't know who else would be on that now that I think about it...possibly Pat O' Brian/Rob Barrett, but I'd have to do too much thinking for that one. Now's not the time, I digress again.

Mike Inez' bass tone is also one of the best I've heard at a show, very deep and audible without getting annoying and having the "too-much-bass" effect. It complimented Jerry's great tone, so it honestly made for a ridiculously well sounding tones from the distorted instruments. Sean's drumming had a nice crisp sound to it as well, as far as a drummer can go to sound well-integrated with the entire band. Without a doubt, Alice In Chains are in my top 10 of live performances. The setlist was phenomenal as well, that goes without saying. After looking at it objectively, I came to realize it would be my dream set by them if only it had three more songs: Dirt, Last Of My Kind, and Grind. I found it strange that they didn't play Last Of My Kind either, because that had been on all their previous sets. Absolutely no room for complaints though, we got Angry Chair and the set was good enough as it was. Maybe some day I'll hear those three songs. Anyway, not much else to comment besides that I suppose. OH, crowd surfers suck and are mad annoying. Hit me square on the back. Thank god I can take it. They seriously need to stop and interfere way too much with the enjoyment of the show. Just my opinion. Show ended, I drove back half asleep, still can't believe that I made it alive. There's ma story. Go see Alice In Chains if the opportunity ever comes your way.
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