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Originally Posted by Altmer7989 View Post
There's a ton of other songs that need to be in there as well: Lost, Next in Line, Sentient 6, Evolution 169, I Am The Dog, The Death of Passion...

Also I don't like River Dragon. Good to see they're doing the title track off the new album, it's fantastic (needs more She Comes in Colors).
Obviously you didn't read my post up above about the song selection so far. I agree they have a lot of great songs to play. This is just a promo/warm up tour for the new album so I wouldn't fly off the handle about not doing this song or that song just yet. Wait until the official tour for TOC begins and let's see what happens. Like I said before they do rotate songs live so more variety should be coming as the tour progresses.

Plus, this is the first time they've played shows together in a few years now. So everyone still needs to get back in their "touring groove" with each other before they start busting out the rarities.
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