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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
The ones they played were just... boring. No sharp riffs, short and really quite formulaic solos, very little complexity. Not really very Nevermore-like songs at all. They had no "edge" whatsoever. Everyone sang along to 'Emptiness Unobstructed', especially the second time, but really no one seemed that interested.

That's always the danger when you tour an album that isn't out yet, of course.

I don't see them adding any more songs until the proper tour later in the year. Warrel wasn't really down with most of the lyrics, so I don't expect they've even rehearsed any of the others.
This tour is just a warm up anyways. The new album has a simular feel to it as EOR does. The songs are shorter and more to the point like they were on that album. There is complexity on the songs though. I just think they're playing a few of the simpler one's first just because that's easiest until they learn how to do the rest live. Why did they do "Emptiness Unobstructed" twice?
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