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Dio -- Buffalo, NY -- April 26th, 1997

My first time seeing Dio solo. Toruing in support of Angry Machines. He played at the Ogden street concert hall in south Buffalo. As far as I know the place has since closed down or at least doesn't have shows there anymore. My brother and I were right up front for the whole thing. The stage was really high at this venue for some reason. One of the strangest stage setups i've ever seen. When Dio went to shake hands and touch horns with people he actually had to get on his knees and lean over the front of the stage. So he didn't interact with the crowd as much as he's known for doing live.

Jesus, Mary & The Holy Ghost
Straight Through The Heart
Don't Talk To Strangers
Holy Diver
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Heaven And Hell
Double Monday
Stand Up And Shout
Hunter Of The Heart
Catch The Rainbow
guitar solo
The Last In Line
Rainbow In The Dark
The Mob Rules
Man On The Silver Mountian
Long Live Rock N Roll
We Rock
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