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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
gotta agree with you. i think a good pit needs to happen at majority of metal shows. but yeah moshing to power metal can be awkward. but when i saw DragonForce 4 years ago, (before all the guitar hero nerds liked them) there was A LOT of moshing. their entire crowd was a big pit pretty much. i've seen Sonata get a pit to 8th Commandment, and Stratovarius get a pit to Phoenix, and i think a few other songs.
I have to admit, I want there to be pits at DragonForce shows. The energy they put on stage really gets carried on to the crowds. And yes, im going to sound like a noob right now but, their music is more than fast enough for a pit.

At Sonata, I was in the pit for 8th Commandment. It really was the only pit worthy song in their set. But, too the people who were pitting for all other Sonata songs, the Hammerfall show, and at the Maiden shows I have been too, please, just stay home next time
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