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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
I'm not much of a mosh pit type person. Every now and then if there is a pretty good circle pit I will jump in but not often. But I still want it to happen at shows. It gets the rest of the crowd moving and packing everyone to together, which for me at least brings out my true energy at a show. it's easier for me to sing at the top of my lungs and "rock out" (I hate saying that) when the whole crowd is moving a little. Now sometimes at bigger shows it gets more violent to the point where many can't even enjoy the show, but hey, it's a metal show. You should expect it.

And screw you guys I love to crowd surf

but I do agree, moshing doesn't belong at most power metal shows. it's just not right. Keep the pits at the thrash, death, black...etc shows.
gotta agree with you. i think a good pit needs to happen at majority of metal shows. but yeah moshing to power metal can be awkward. but when i saw DragonForce 4 years ago, (before all the guitar hero nerds liked them) there was A LOT of moshing. their entire crowd was a big pit pretty much. i've seen Sonata get a pit to 8th Commandment, and Stratovarius get a pit to Phoenix, and i think a few other songs.
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