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Originally Posted by The Green and Black View Post
1998 Dio (Angry Machines/Live Inferno Tour)
2000 Dio (Magica Tour)
2003 Dio (Killing the Dragon Tour w/Motorhead and Iron Maiden)
2004 Dio (Master of the Moon Tour plus complete Holy Diver played)
2007 Heaven and Hell (with Megadeth)
2007 Heaven and Hell (with Megadeth again)
2008 Heaven and Hell (Metal Masters Tour with Testament and Judas Priest)
Haha, shuffle a few years around and that's more or less exactly the same for me. 'cept I never saw him as a support band... always headliner

Probably the best Dio setlist I saw him do was in 2008. He was just doing a handful of solo shows while H&H had some time off, and didn't play any Sabbath songs because of H&H, so replaced them with things like 'Temple of The King', 'Sacred Heart', 'Lord of The Last Day', 'Killing The Dragon' and 'Rock And Roll Children'

That said, I also saw him on a mini promo tour for 'Master of The Moon' in 2004 before the album came out, when he busted out 'King of Rock And Roll', 'Gates of Babylon' and 'Stargazer'...

26/11 Fozzy
27/11 Apocalyptica
1/12 Judas Priest
3/12 Deep Purple
5/12 Dan Patlansky

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