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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Awesome stories!! The easy access he gave for his fans to meet him and for him to spend time and chat always made him so special. Very few in the music world are like that. Hey, your stories just put smile on my face for the first time in like 6 hours

In this very sad time, I too am finding comfort in the memories everyone is sharing. After thinking back, I had the pleasure of seeing Dio atleast 7 times.

1998 Dio (Angry Machines/Live Inferno Tour)
2000 Dio (Magica Tour)
2003 Dio (Killing the Dragon Tour w/Motorhead and Iron Maiden)
2004 Dio (Master of the Moon Tour plus complete Holy Diver played)
2007 Heaven and Hell (with Megadeth)
2007 Heaven and Hell (with Megadeth again)
2008 Heaven and Hell (Metal Masters Tour with Testament and Judas Priest)

Long Live Rock N Roll!
Long Live Ronnie James Dio!
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