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Hey guys, I probably should have done this back in March when this was finished but today we all decided that it's now time to put up our whole EP up for everyone to hear.

Just a couple side notes: First we decided on doing this because we will be recording our full length album this July so we are just treating this as a sample of what to expect. Also the quality has seemed to gone down a lot from uploading on youtube. The physical CD sounds much better then this, as some of you already have heard.

We have added 6 new songs since this EP was made back in March. We have live video of 5 of those new songs that will hopefully be made available soon. Technology sucks sometimes.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this 21 minute preview of IMO, Wisconsin's best Progressive Thrash Groove Metal band, SHATTERED!


*This will also be up on our Myspace, and Facebook accounts, I just added it up on your Youtube first.*
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