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Well naturally I gotta mention the one and only time I was able to see him live, which was with Sabbath (H&H) from the lawn in August 2008. Damn shame I couldn't have been closer, but that's just the way it goes. And it was honestly one of only two shows I've ever seen from the soundboard or further back that I actually legitimately enjoyed. Ronnie's voice was great up until the end, and given what guys 20 years younger than him sound and perform like, you would've never guessed his age.

But in addition to that I have a few Dio-related memories.

My band covered Holy Diver and Heaven and Hell live, though only about half of H&H within one of our own songs at the end of our shows - they were among the funnest and most powerful moments we ever had on stage. Dio's legacy is fortunately one that includes many, many "hits" that not only don't suck, but actually ARE classics - worth that title.
I have the countless hours spent watching his DVDs and listening to his albums - even though I'm not a singer I tried to emulate Dio when I sang, even just for fun. I spent hours listening to his lyrics, singing his songs, learning every little nuance. The influence Dio had on metal vocally and lyrically is almost impossible to comprehend. Not to mention his spirit. No one came close to matching Dio's pure undaunted spirit and charisma - he was the most amazing grandfather that every metal fan never had - but in a sense, we did have him. We all did.

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