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I had willcall tickets, so I guess I missed the sign that said Morbosidad canceled, but it took me about an hour to find out, and that realllllly sucked because they were pretty much the reason I went. Apparently Senor Stench had to get hired musicians because no one else could get a visa, and then those musicians quit after the show in LA after a fight.

Dispirit were ok, they used way the fuck to much fog, honestly it was difficult to breathe at time. Ambient black metal, made me a little sleepy, but well executed. They played for what seemed like 45 min and their set was 3 songs long, didn't catch any song titles.
Sanguis Imperem were pretty badass, bestial black metal. Got a patch. At the end of their set they announced that Dio had died.
Portal were fucking weird. I think they played longer because of Morbosidad's dropping off, but they seemed to take forever. I enjoyed it but at the same time I was wondering when it would end, much more droney than I had expected. No clock from the singer, just a pope hat, but they all had their bizarre outfits which looked horrible to play in. I honestly don't know if the guy was speaking (or more horror-whispering) in English, it sounded more like some Lovecraftian thing, I couldn't quite make out much, but they played for a long time.
Sold out show, surprisingly, and there were a ton of hipsters in the crowd. Honestly, more than I have seen at any other show. Pretty lame crowd actually, except Aesop, Ross and Christy from Ludicra were there, as well as Pete Helmkamp and Dino Sommese.
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