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Your favorite Dio memories

I figured it might be kind of cool to pay honor to him by starting a thread about fond memories we all have of Ronnie James Dio.

I was fortunte enough to see Dio live on four seperate ocassions. The first time was in 1992 on Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer tour. This was only my second ever metal show and I was blown away not only by Dio's perfromance but the whole bands. Still to this day the heavist and loudest show i've ever been to For such a little man he had such a strong voice and such a stage presence. I saw him solo in 1997 and 1998 both in small clubs and he played as if he was in front of a full arena of people. The last time I saw him was with Heaven & Hell in 2007. Once again he performed great and besides his voice not being what it used to be he didn't show to many signs of age at all. I will never forget any of these shows as they are all some of my favorites ever.

My best Dio memory though is that I actually meet him The day of the show that I saw him at back in 1998 he did a CD signing at a local record store earlier that day. All I could do when I meet him was shake his hand and tell how it was great to meet him and his music meant the world to me. He said "thank you, that means so much to me" Then asked me my name and signed my 'Last In Line' CD He wrote "To Jeff, Magic, Ronnie James Dio" The meeting was so brief yet it meant so much to me. It means even more to me now that he's passed away. To this day he's the only big rock/metal star i've ever meet. Honestly, after meeting him I never had intrest in meeting any other famous musicians because I meet Dio and the rest didn't matter after that.

Anyone else got any memories about Ronnie that you would like to share?
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