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Originally Posted by maidenpriest View Post
im really hoping they dont keep Your Poison Throne in the set, bout the only new song i dont like at all. everything else is decent. they should throw in the title track. the best song imo
I love the title track as well. They might not do much until the album is officially released though. Not everyone went to a torrent sight like I did and got it last week I think 'And The Maiden Spoke' along with 'Moonrise' need to be in the set as well. I like 'Your Poison Throne' and and the "Rise, rise, rise" part makes it a good live tune because it can get everyone involved.

I ordered the CD/T-shirt package for the new album off their myspace. So i'll be getting that in a few weeks or so depending how long shipping takes Also, am I the only one who thinks it's strange that all a band as good as Nevermore has to promote themselves on the internet is a fuckin myspace page? They don't even have a homepage anymore. What the fuck happened to that?
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