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As I Lay Dying -- Minneapolis, MN -- May 12, 2010

This show was fantastic. I saw As I Lay Dying as lead support for Lamb of God last year, and I thought they stole the show. I have much more of an appreciation for Demon Hunter now too. War of Ages was alright. Blessthefall isn't my cup of tea, but got a cd signed from them for a friend. This is the first time I've ever hung around after the show and met the bands too. Got some stuff signed.

War of Ages
1. Through the Flame
2. Collapse
3. Your Betrayal
4. Stand Your Ground
5. All Consuming Fire

1. 2.0
2. What's left of Me
3. To Hell and Back
4. Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
5. A Message to the Unknown
6. God Wears Gucci
7. Skinwalkers
8. Witness

Demon Hunter
1. The World Is a Thorn
2. Lifewar
3. Undying
4. Fading Away
5. Tie This Around Your Neck
6. Not I
7. Not Ready to Die
8. Collapsing
9. Just Breathe
10. Storm the Gates of Hell

As I Lay Dying
1. 94 Hours
2. An Ocean Between Us
3. Through Struggle
4. Beyond Our Suffering
5. The Sound fo Truth
6. Within Destruction
7. Anodyne Sea
8. Jordan Mancino drum solo
9. Vacancy
10. Meaning In Tragedy
11. I Never Wanted
12. Confined
13. Seperation
14. Nothing Left
15. Forever
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