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It's been a while since I've updated this so I figured it was time to give a proper Shattered update.

We now have 10 fully written songs and we'll be hitting the studio in July for our first album. We cover the gamete from Technical Thrash to Prog to Power Metal, with a Damnation era Opeth Ballad as well. We debuted all of our songs at our last few shows and they all went over extremely well with the crowds. We also shoot live footage of 9 of the 10 new songs that as soon as they are ready I'll post on here.

We have a pretty badass promo picture that we've been using:

We have plenty of shows getting booked as I speak. SO things are going fucking awesome right now!

Be sure to check us out on Facebook: *BTW the REAL Dave Mustaine is now a fan of ours on Facebook



Thanks for all of the support!
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