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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Yeah I don't ever hear anybody say "I like this band but they're fucking Christians". What really bothered me was Underoath at the first Mayhem fest.
The stages were side by side, and while all of the Machine Head fans were gathering, drinking and smoking weed, Underoath was playing on the other side, and in between songs the singer said, "what's different between us and all of the other bands on this tour is that we're Christians and we're proud." Needless to say, the Machine-fucking-fans let em have it.
weirdest christian band experience for me was SOTU 07, went from Goatwhore who ended their set with "HAIL FUCKING SATAN!!!" followed by The Devil Wears Prada who ended their set with "JUST REMEMBER THAT JESUS LOVES EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!"
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