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Originally Posted by Wizzbang11 View Post
I don't think people give them enough shit for being religious.
Or Tom Araya. Seriously, what the fuck. Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits and he's a Christian? Lame.
Same with Hirax. They get off easy.

Religion doesn't mean the music can't be good, but it certainly does mean that I loose a fuck ton of respect for the artist performing it, and that they deserve to be harassed about it. Same goes for Nazi bands, except a ton of Nazi bands are awesome, whereas most overtly religious bands suck.
are you fucking serious? what are like a 14 year old athiest? who cares if a band is christian but writes lyrics that go against it, they have fun writing about it. like Tom Araya said on God Hates Us All, "God doesn't hate us all, but it's an awesome fucking title" or somewhere along the lines of that.
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