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Originally Posted by The Green and Black View Post
Yeah I thought the same thing, Punish My Heaven was full of energy and they buried it in between two shit songs.
Misery's Crown

Come one those songs aren't fast but they are definitely awesome. I would put them both about PMH too. First half of The Gallery is sort of boring really, the second half is the awesome half (random realization; this is also exactly how I feel about We Are The Void).

Honestly PMH just reminds me of a song that didn't make the cut on The Jester Race. Very 'definitive' stuff for melodeath, but 'definitive' also means 'stuff there's 1000 versions of'. Plenty of (new and old) DT songs I'd rather hear...

i mean if i wanted to hear songs that sound like theyre from the jester race id just go see in flam-oh wait nevermind
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