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Originally Posted by broncoz View Post
Only complaint was having punish my heaven in between the two slowest songs of the night, and of course only 1 song from character and damage done.
Yeah I thought the same thing, Punish My Heaven was full of energy and they buried it in between two shit songs. As pissed as I am at DT for not embracing their past, I have to blame the fans more. I mean seriously, when the played Punish My Heaven, the audience practically died. There was no interest at all. I think they are just playing what their fans want, sadly. I was disgusted with the crowd in general, thinking to myself, you actually favor THIS? DT still put on a good show, but they are not what they used to be, they have not been that for a long time, and I while the new album, I like, I have no hopes of them EVER returning to their former glory. I can still enjoy them, but they have gone from being Gothenburg Style, which I fell in love with, to more of a Death Metal Evergrey, which is still cool, but no where near how great they could be.

Edit: I have to add that it's really cool of them to do the aftershow meet and greets. They came right out within minutes of getting off the stage. No rock star bullshit from them, all really nice guys.
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