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Originally Posted by vegantopher View Post
UB's Bar doesn't seem like a place for a long show. I drover over 5 hours to get there last summer for Master and less than 10 people showed up so they cut their set a lot. Is that how Mesa's crowd is or what? The venue is tiny as fuck too. They're playing two venues out near me that are about three times the size of UB's and the turnout will probably be pretty good.
I think the majority of metal show-goers in the valley probably aren't too pleased with UB's becoming the premiere metal venue in the last year and a half. There's a much better venue just a couple miles down the road called The Clubhouse, and while it's not very large either, it is quite a bit bigger than UB's and laid out much better, with the bar area in the back as opposed to on the side.

As for the Master show, I wasn't there, but a turnout that small is surprising to me. Definitely unusual. I'm sorry you had to make such an epic drive to such a shit venue.

I think the worst turnout I ever saw for a show in the valley was Exodus a few years back at the Marquee Theater (capacity approx. 3,500) and there probably weren't more than 30 people there.
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