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Revocation -- Tulsa, OK -- May 12th, 2010

Three local bands opened the show and Enfold Darkness didn't make it for whatever reason. Good thing the three locals didn't suck. They all were pretty good. Beneath The Void (I think), Divine Heretic, and Hardtop For Kennedy. HFK were the best, and their vocalist is hilarious. Telling dead baby jokes and what not between songs/during the short power outage, singing horribly to piss of his guitarist, etc.

Revocation came on and the 25 (maybe) people there went nuts. I hadn't really listened to their earlier stuff before last night, so during those songs I took pictures and recorded video. Sang along and headbanged to the three tracks they played from Existence Is Futile. The sound was probably the best I've ever heard it at The Marquee and Revocation were spot on. Really cool dudes as well.

Unattained (I think)
Pestilence Reigns
Dismantle The Dictator
Age Of Iniquity
Exhumed Identity

Never listened to Cattle Decapitation before but they put on a hell of a show. Their guitarist and bassist are insanely good. Vocalist has a great range. Might actually give them a listen later.

Great show overall, especially since my cousin, two of my friends, and I all got in for free because we won tickets the day before the show. Really want to see Revocation play a much longer set sometime though.

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