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I'm fine with most of the set being from We Are The Void, I mean after all, it's the "We Are The Void Tour" so I expect to see a good amount of new material

The problem lies with trying to play too many songs from the most recent album not counting the newest. Most bands succumb to this whenever they have released multiple records measuring a long time span. In this case, WAYYY TOO MANY Fiction songs. While Fiction is one of their better works imo, this is not a Fiction tour, and there should only be 2-3 Fiction songs MAX. I say this because they have a rather extensive catalog, and with 6 WATV songs and 4 Fiction songs the set list has no room for creativity. I'm satisfied with this show because I wanted to A) See DT again, and B) see the new songs performed live, and those did not disappoint. However "long setlist filled with difficult old and new songs" does not mean play 1 song from pre-1999 when 1/3 of your discography is from that era. I could go on about how they lack creativity from choosing songs from each album (ie why is Wonders at Your Feet the only Haven song played, same with ThereIn from Projector) but I don't want to complain TOO much
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