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Dark Tranquillity -- Raleigh, NC -- May 11th, 2010

Watched all 3 bands. Mutiny Within = horrible imo, a bunch of kids, no set list but I know they played something Affliction, Forsaken, Suffocate, and some other one word song. Threat Signal gets the award for the most generic metalcore band ever, they did not impress even though the band seemed to think they had a good crowd. No idea what the setlist was. FINALLY DT comes on at 11! Ridiculous right? But well worth it.


At The Point of Ignition
The Fatalist
Focus Shift
The Wonders At Your Feet
Final Resistance
The Grandest Accusation
Misery's Crown
Punish My Heaven
(My Negation)
Shadow In Our Blood
The Lesser Faith
Dream Oblivion
Lost To Apathy
Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)

Songs in parenthesis were italicized on the setlist, meaning they were only going to be played if the band had extra time, guess they didn't have extra time. Even though I'm bummed they didn't play Lethe, The Treason Wall, The New Build, or The Endless Feed, it was an amazing show. The newer songs from We Are The Void are wayyyyyy better sounding live than on the album. Especially Dream Oblivion, Iridium, and Shadow.

Could've sworn Mikael said something about coming back soon on another tour...
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