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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
Lacuna Coil sounds nothing like they originally did. They're sellouts, and people who like them now, are bandwagonners trying to fit in.
This is not correct. A bandwagon fan is someone who follows a band or some type of trend or whatever just because everyone else is doing it. Lacuna Coil has never reached that level of fame for people to do that. I've never seen or heard of the Lacuna Coil bandwagon before, so i'm not sure how exactly you're coming to that conclusion. Judging by their recent musical changes LC does wish they had a bandwagon but that hasn't happened and most likely won't ever happen for them.

I like IAR and UM the best my self, but I think most fans would be fine if they stuck with the sound that made them get noticed on Comalies. It would be better than when their next album comes out and everyone is thinking "ok, what the fuck are they gonna try to be this time?" And for those who said you don't hear any nu metal influences on Karmacode, what exactly are you hearing with the guitars on that album? It's obviously something way different than me. Cristina is involved with James Root from Slipknot/Stone Sour and those riffs sound very influenced by his style.
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