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That's not a fair statement.

Look anyone who has access to Eddie Trunk's radio shows and has heard the interviews with Accept members, knows they offered Udo the job and he doen't want to do it. Same deal with Anthrax right now (Bush is busy, Bella is back). What are these guys supposed to do? Just forget about it,...go back to the day job?????

Imagine you're Wolf Hoffman and promoters are offering you European Festival support slots if they can get a singer. YOU GET A SINGER. and they got a good one in Marc Tornillo. A veteran metal guy from T.T. Quick, who is close in age to them, did many Accept songs in his early days. He has the vocal range, and the chops to pull it off. I should know... I was there Saturday.

Fucking A. It was amazing. I am not a huge Accept fan, i don't have all their albums, i really only know their "hits" and thats about it. Let me tell you, the vibe in there was amazing, the entire place was packed. wall to wall sold out. The band was tight, played amazing, and to hear 2000 people singing "balls to the wall" in 2010 was awesome.

Next stop for them,... Opening for AC/DC in Europe. These guys are not Anvil, they were always bigger than that and can be big again I predict, when the record hits in Sept.

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