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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
One thing about Lacuna, they may wish for more popularity, but I like the fact that they sound very similair to the way they did on Comalies, just with better production... and yeah the occasional nu metal guitar riff. But I still love em. That melancholoy sound is unmistakable.
I still don't mind them myself but they don't sound like they did on Comalies at all now. What pisses me off about them is that they don't seem to know what the fuck they wanna be as a band anymore. They were goth up through Comalies. Then on Karmacode they're nu metal and on Shallow Life they're mainstream rock. If they would just decide what hell they are I wouldn't be so pissed at them like i've been since Karmacode. Just pick a sound and stick with it. I'm guessing since going nu metal and mainstream rock hasn't gotten them huge success in America yet, that it's safe to say on the next album they'll go country. That's probably their best chance at getting famous
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